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We provide resource on a contract basis for all sectors.

“This was the smoothest and easiest start to a new contract I have ever experienced. A nice touch also was that SceneOne sent me a congratulations card which further made me appreciate what an outstanding agency this is to be associated with.”

Ray Jordan, Solutions Architect

The contract division are specialists in Healthcare and Information Technology. Our database, cultivated over 15 years, is rich with talent and our dedicated resource team have access to endless additional resource pools to cover any shortfall. We have an online timesheet system for candidates and clients to ensure seamless payments with the minimum of fuss.

The contract division supports all the sectors that Sceneone are prevalent in. We offer this service to all clients. We have an online system for candidates and clients for timesheets. We have a dedicated Research team that have access to various resource pools and we have a particularly strong database that we can work from.

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