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“When Wesley contacted me he knew my CV inside out, had thought through what role would be suitable for me and waited until an appropriate position was available.”

Amy Mckeown, Health, Mental Health and Well-being at EY Entrepreneur

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We have clients that date back all of our sixteen years in business. We blur the lines between client, supplier and friends. We like to work with people who care about their business as much as we do about ours.

At SceneOne we pride ourselves on the level of understanding we have of our clients and their purpose within the market place. This enables us to provide an insightful level of detail to the candidate market about the opportunity at hand. This in turn leads to a high level of service to our customers with a close fit to what they are looking for, whatever their requirements may be. From general IT across industry and whether it be senior permanent appointments or contractors we consistently deliver the right people, at the right time to make a difference to our customers work force.


This expertise and careful attention is complimented by a generous annual advertising budget which guarantees a continual supply of qualified, relevant candidates to supplement our existing database of over 40,000 IT professionals.

Working with us

People are our business and for both clients and candidates we aim to work with integrity, confidentiality and passion. In order to maximise our effectiveness for you; three things need to be in place:

  • Mutual respect
  • Accessibility
  • Urgency

A word about quality

We utilise all the resources of our office together with the resources of the international SceneOne network. To this we add the most sophisticated search tools available, along with an ever-growing database of candidates and contacts we work with, meaning we can commit to having a qualified candidate for you in a specified period of time.

Our goal is to deliver qualified candidates.

We qualify candidates according to:

  • Job specification (including compensation)
  • Interests, goals and ambitions
  • Company culture (personality profiling)
  • Passion for your company and the opportunity

With this you can be assured the individuals we present at interview are interested, qualified and committed to making a change for the right opportunity. As consultants we are able to discuss and implement all resourcing strategies, selecting the "right fit" candidate with as little risk and cost as possible for your organisation.

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