Every good story has to start somewhere

I turned the volume up and I stood looking out at the summer’s clear evening sky. The words in the song I had heard many times before seemed to resonate more than usual. The singer was telling me something, he kept repeating “you’ve got to make it happen; you’ve got to make it happen”. As I enjoyed this moment of clear perspective sipping my cold can of beer I realised that something important was going to happen.

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At this exact point I decided to start my company, well after my friend’s wedding reception was out of the way. That night in the hotel bar I told everyone of my idea and decided I’d pick a generic name. It would probably be an esoteric Shakespeare character, as a private realisation that I was an unlikely recruiter who loved a good story.


Creating Career Stories

I opened the entire works of good old Will and as the book clunked open there it was presenting itself. Of course my company would be called SceneOne.


Due to our profile as a leading supplier of health IT service, we were invited to attend the Queens 80th birthday party in the UK embassy in Saudi.

Atlanta TSys Finance


Atlanta TSys Finance

Our launch into the finance market was to support TSys with European resources.



National Services Scotland (NSS)

We decided to bring health services to our own doorstep in Scotland. We won access to NMNC (Non-medical/Non clinical) agreement and are now a supplier. Other frameworks we supply include GCloud7 amd Consulting2.

Values the key


Values the key

We started working with “The Key” consultancy who worked with us to identify our values. Our values are:

Urgency, Creativity, Humanity, Integrity, Empathy, Positivity, Belief




We became a partner to Capita and gained access to the SWAN framework.

Charity logos



We wanted to give back to the NHS, so we decided to help 4 different charities – Yorkhill, The Beatson, CHS (Chest, Heart and Stroke) and Spina Bifida – by partnering up. We help by fundraising and staff volunteering.

Charity logos
Birthday cake


Sweet 16

SceneOne turned 16

We raised £40K for our chosen charities and hosted a charity event in the west brewery. 



Growth and success

Due to achievements in 2016/2017 the SceneOne family has grown.

We also have another exciting charity event planned at the Science Centre and are happy to announce that we now support the GK experience along side our other charities. They are a Youth Work charity, supporting young people living in the most disadvantaged neighbourhoods in Glasgow.